Global Flexibility Initiative
Karen’s guidance and expertise were invaluable on a global initiative to create a results-driven flexible work culture. Karen always delivered. She expertly facilitated our U. S. and international teams’ complex policy decision making discussions, coached our U.S. and overseas implementation leaders to build content knowledge, consulted with in-country project heads and legal counsels on country-specific implementation issues and regulatory requirements -- and more. Even under the toughest circumstances Karen came through. For example, she quickly regrouped to successfully lead the first meeting of our overseas policy team – whom she had never met – by telephone, when our trip was cancelled due to 9/11.

Sunita Holzer
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Former HR Executive, GE Capital and American Express

Team Building and Leadership Coaching
Karen’s coaching gave me and my leadership team insights into how our organization was operating and how we could enhance our leadership practices to increase business effectiveness in our intensely competitive environment. Karen has a keen sense of group and team dynamics.  She has the ability to draw out honest, useful information from focus groups and leadership interviews.  She translated our input into a clear picture of how our processes and people are actually working together and how our dynamics could affect – for better or worse – our ability to deliver results.  After working with Karen we had a strong foundation to continue to make improvements on our own.   I also used insights from my one-on-one conversations with Karen to improve cross-function operations and outcomes.

Steve Gumm, Vice President
Texas Instruments

Work Culture Enhancement
On several projects together, Karen was able to really understand the business and Human Resources challenges we faced during an intense time of merger, change and labor market competition, then recommend great solutions for enhancing our work culture. Karen was always effective for us, whether the project covered the entire organization or a single team.  She successfully worked at all levels of management and leadership. Karen always focused on identifying opportunities to build a culture that would attract and motivate talent to deliver results for the company in ways that would also allow them to achieve their individual priorities.

Sharon Fretz
Director, Human Resources Information Services
Sanofi Aventis

Customized Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching

Karen provided outstanding customized organizational development consulting and executive coaching services to our business for a number of years. Karen conducted focus groups and made actionable recommendations that positively impacted 60% of our employees. Working with Karen was particularly effective because she was able to understand our business like an insider, while we benefited from the completely honest feedback she gathered and the fresh insight she provided as an outsider. Highly effective at coaching our Vice Presidents to become more effective leaders, she was a great partner and helped move our organization forward during a period of high growth.

Larry Sherrell
Human Resources Director
Taylor Energy Company
Dallas, Texas
Former HR Director, Texas Instruments

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