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Work culture can motivate employees’ drive to perform – or stifle it.  

By some estimates, 85 percent of failed acquisitions are attributable to mismanagement of cultural issues. 
Industrial Management

In a Vision 2020 work culture, leadership practices foster aligned relationships with talent that are business assets, not liabilities.  These relationships inspire employees’ personal investment in delivering results as an outcome of a mutual value proposition: 

  • Employee accountability and results for companies
  • Opportunity and choice for talent
(In M&A) The technical or “hard” issues are almost always addressed… “soft” issues rarely receive the same level of attention… These are the… issues that cause the majority of mergers and acquisitions to fail.
2004 Gale Group

While it may be tempting to let “soft” work culture issues fall by the wayside in difficult times, research shows that companies which consistently focus on enhancing their work culture are most likely to succeed – in all times.

At Karen Noble Consulting & Associates, we partner at the individual, team, and organizational levels to develop and execute practical solutions that optimize how work is done, how people are managed, and how people manage themselves -- a recipe for achieving results in any economy.
  Our Solutions  

…cover a range of areas we consider core to a Vision 2020 work culture.

Customize Solutions Optimize results by turning people challenges into business assets.
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Work Dynamically Leap beyond traditional “flexibility,” to get results for your business and your people.
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Inclusively Engage Inspire employees to inclusively grow the value of your corporate “house.”
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Team to Soar Build aligned teams from the inside out.
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Lead in Work – and in Life Optimize your performance and satisfaction in – and out – of work.
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Assess for Success Measure, identify, target and act for effective, sustainable performance.
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