Research on human interaction shows that every day, each of us sends and receives between 2,000 and 4,000 invisible, unconscious “micro messages.” These subtle communications shape interactions, powerfully affecting:

  • $300 Billion is lost each year due to reduced productivity of disengaged workers.

    Individual drive and contribution
  • Team dynamics and performance
  • Company culture

The “micro messages” that chill the work environment, damage relationships, motivation and performance, potentially makinge even the best talent feel marginalized, are called “micro-inequities.” 

By definition hard to pinpoint, micro-messages – and therefore micro-inequities – are almost impossible for individuals to counteract. 

Unaddressed by the organization, micro-inequities can spread, undetected, and result in:

  • Individual disengagement
  • Team friction
  • Reduced productivity 
  To ensure a Vision 2020 work culture of Inclusive Engagement™...  

micro-messages must become micro-motivators by aligning the thousands of micro-messages with overt messages that consistently affirm employees’ value and communicate opportunities for growth. 

At Karen Noble Consulting & Associates we bring deep, global expertise in human behavior and organizational change to bear as we work with clients to develop action-oriented solutions that:

  • Stop the spread of micro inequities in the workplace and replace them with micro-motivators.
  • Create constructive, inclusive patterns of interaction that enhance relationships, performance, innovation and productivity.

We will work with you to provide:

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessments to establish a “snapshot” of micro-messaging patterns in customer, team, division, or company interactions.
  • Customized in-class or online/web-based manager and employee trainings that go beyond awareness, providing actionable strategies to reverse the micro inequities that dampen productivity.
  • Briefings and hands-on leadership team consulting sessions to uncover and reverse unconscious practices that marginalize and de-skill employees and damage performance.
  • Targeted executive and manager coaching to enhance micro-messaging effectiveness. 
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