Karen Noble - Past Projects  

Building Flexible, Results-Driven Work Cultures
       For Fortune 100 clients

  • Partnered to successfully implement corporate-wide and global roll-out of initiatives to build flexible work cultures, including:
    • Structured, facilitated and advised global design team decision making process
    • Developed global policy and tools, roll out strategy and manager and Subject Matter Expert trainings
    • Delivered trainings in-region, including train-the-trainer certification
    • Consulted on country-by-country legal due diligence.

Team Performance
       For Fortune 200 and 300 clients:

  • Increased team engagement and effectiveness while decreasing employee stress
    • Analyzed team relationship patterns and leadership practices, coached executives and led team problem-solving process.
  • Reduced absenteeism, increased morale and innovation
    • Led process to identify and address resilience-dampening management practices and work processes.
  • Increased work process efficiencies, flexible ways of approaching work and employee engagement in a manufacturing operation:
    • Conducted customized diagnostic process and coaching of General Manager regarding key issues and implementation strategies.

Executive Development
       For a Fortune 50 client:

  • Advised member of the OCEO on key video and print messaging to promote effectiveness of their culture change communication strategy

       For Fortune 300 clients:

  • Positioned new executive to reverse historically low team morale
    • Conducted qualitative assessment, identified long-term problematic team and organizational patterns and coached executive on targeted recommendations to resolve issues.
  • Eliminated turnover
    • Analyzed team and management practices; coached executive
  • Increased effectiveness of sales process in core division
    • Coached leader to restructure key cross-functional relationships.


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