What Is Inclusive EngagementTM?  

In·clu·sive:  “covering or intended to cover all”
En·gage·ment:  “emotional involvement or commitment”

Karen Noble Consulting & Associates believes that building a work culture inside the company “house” that is Inclusive of all talent is necessary, but not sufficient, to achieve optimum business results. 

Engagement of all talent in growing the house’s future value is also crucial for business success.

Inclusive EngagementTM is the business result at the heart of a Vision 2020 work culture.  Inclusive EngagementTM is a key ingredient of the performance and productivity that can be achieved when employees do more than work together to make necessary repairs on the “house.” 

In a Vision 2020 work culture where Inclusive EngagementTM  is optimized, all employees take initiative in joining forces to find opportunities for innovative, cost-effective ways to upgrade and expand the “house,” making its value grow until it is the most valuable “house” in the neighborhood. 

A culture of Inclusive EngagementTM harnesses the contribution of the broadest spectrum of talent, no matter where they are located, so all workers:  

  • are emotionally involved and committed to business goals
  • collaborate as energized partners in growing the bottom line
  How can we enhance your company’s Inclusive EngagementTM?  

Karen Noble Consulting & Associates has two core areas of focus which we consider to be under-addressed yet high-impact when building work cultures where Inclusive Engagement thrives: 

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