Building an Eco-Resilient Organization  
  Your Present?
100% =Percentage increase in the number of Americans taking antidepressants in 2005 compared with 1996.
Time Magazine, August, 2009

Your Future?
42% = Percentage of college students who feel “down, depressed or hopeless.
recent AP/MTV poll

Indications are that the pressure, stress and anxiety which have become constants in the equation
of work – and life – are quietly having a negative impact on both present and future talent

Eco-resilience is a term used by scientists to describe the ability of natural ecosystems to adapt smoothly to disruption and change.

A system with low Eco-resilience can be tipped into a significant negative, even catastrophic, state when one last, small occurrence in a series of small events – often undetected and unaddressed -- causes the entire system to suddenly tip into large-scale failure. 

At this point correction, if still possible, is very expensive.

To remain productive in a prolonged economic tsunami, employees need to be highly resilient.  They must: 

  • remain energized contributors who bounce back from adversity and give their best
  • use challenge as a springboard to move their performance to a new level
  • stick around to do it again – no matter how intense the conditions or rapid the changes.

The most resilient workers, often the top talent, are:

  • least likely to tolerate a frustrating work culture
  • most able to find a job in any economy, possibly at a competitor and so,
  • if dissatisfied, most likely to change from a business asset into a business liability.
While your core talent may be optimizing their contribution now, in the long run unabated stress and anxiety will undermine their capacity for sustained innovation, engagement, and even productivity – unless your work culture fosters resilience.
  Karen Noble Consulting & Associates...  

knows that a key element of a Vision 2020 optimized work culture is a stress-resistant workforce.  To achieve this goal, we believe a comprehensive, organizational approach to increasing individual resilience is critical.  We call this approach:  Building an Eco-Resilient Organization for Sustained Performance

We go beyond training individuals.  We combine our extensive global expertise with key findings from leading resilience researchers in our
work with leaders, managers and teams to identify organizational practices that can stifle individual resilience. 

We work to establish management practices and cultural norms that foster stress-resistance.  Our goal is to achieve a work culture where enhanced adaptability, more focused operation, proactive problem solving and constructive relationships, even in the face of unrelenting stress, challenge and change, is standard.
  Our consulting solutions include:  
  • Employee training in the skills and practices of personal resilience
  • Manager training in how to build a resilient workforce
  • Executive briefings on the business criticality of individual and organizational resilience
  • Eco-resilient organization redesign sessions for leaders and managers, including:
    • audit of key organizational supports, policies, and programs;
    • evaluation of managerial competencies; and
    • strategies for implementing change to achieve organizational Eco-resilience.
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