What is Dynamic Work?  

Dynamic Work™ is an approach to work and people that can ensure effective execution of objectives, even in fluid business conditions. Motivated by insights gained as a result of her unmatched global experience building "flexible work cultures" for Fortune 500 companies, Karen Noble developed Dynamic Work™ to take “flexibility” to the next level.  It provides the platform for companies to respond to business imperatives and talent priorities so that both come out ahead

The goal of Dynamic Work™ is mutual agility for bottom-line success

At the heart of Dynamic Work™ is a comprehensive yet user-friendly, tool to identify or innovate practical, business-driven solutions. It is flexible enough to use across entire franchises, yet specific enough to apply to the work of particular teams, functions or divisions.  It offers a solid foundation for candid, in-depth business conversations between managers and employees, yielding increased employee accountability and enhanced team communication.

Too often, worker priorities—including flexible schedules or location changes, among many other norms and practices—seem to conflict with business success. Through Dynamic Work™, we’ll show you how to use pressure for changes in your business practices as a springboard to transformation that can increase your company’s responsiveness to market and labor-force trends and enhance your business outcomes.

  Dynamic Work™ systematically addresses critical factors...  
...that businesses often overlook when implementing “flexibility,” such as:

1 2 3 4 5
Real Estate Sustainability “Green” Strategies IT Needs and Constraints Accessibility
how to maximize use of space and reduce costs how to ensure that work strategies do not become fixed, but continue to respond to shifting conditions how to enhance efficiency and savings how to enable full, yet cost-effective connectivity how to design for optimum connection and communication
7 7 8 9 10
Organizational Barriers Customer Service and Work Coverage Performance Skill Development Career Development
how to identify, prioritize and eliminate barriers to working dynamically how to be sure that both are effectively achieved how to rethink and reconfigure work practices for greater productivity how to assess critical skills and develop plans to promote both individual and company goals how to establish career paths and development plans in a changing environment, that benefit both the company and the employee
  How do we implement Dynamic Work?  

When we work with clients to implement Dynamic Work™, Karen Noble Consulting & Associates begins wherever our clients are ready to start.  We listen to your goals and constraints and work with you to develop a “soup to nuts” or “entrėe only” strategy for bringing greater adaptability, innovation and productivity to your workplace.  Our extensive experience includes work with thousands of executives, managers, employees, and human resources professionals on five continents.  Some of the ways we can work with you are to: 

  • Conduct qualitative assessments through manager and employee focus groups and executive interviews
  • Create a clear vision and strategy to ensure successful organizational change
  • Develop and deliver executive briefings as well as classroom and online manager trainings
  • Consult to and facilitate U.S. and global design teams through complex decisions of policy and culture change implementation
  • Write U.S. and global policy guidelines
  • Offer train-the-trainer certification for corporate trainers
  • Provide individual coaching for executives, managers, and human-resources professionals
  • Devise and guide initiative communication and roll-out strategies
  Dynamic Work works  

Dynamic Work can enhance productivity. It harnesses employees’ best thinking for problem solving, inspires accountability and partnership in achieving business results, and enables employers and employees to align business and individual objectives and responsibilities so that bottom line results for both.

Contact... Karen Noble Consulting & Associates today to see how Dynamic Work™ can make your business thrive—in the current economic climate, and beyond.


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