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Karen provided outstanding customized organizational developmen to our business for a number of years. She made actionable recommendations that positively impacted 60% of our employees.
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Larry Sherrell, Human Resources Director
Taylor Energy Company, Dallas, Texas
Former HR Director, Texas Instruments

People challenges come in many shapes and sizes.  Not all require, or even respond to, internally-delivered solutions. 

A key strength of Karen Noble Consulting & Associates is our track record of using our cross-company experience and external perspective to partner with all-sized clients to deliver results-driven, customized solutions to their internal people challenges. We:

  Assess the challenge
Customize the solution
Execute the strategy
  For a Range of People Challenges  

Karen Noble Consulting & Associates strives to understand clients’ people issues within the context of their business challenges and goals in order to create unique, practical solutions that achieve results.  Some examples of issues we have successfully worked with include:

  • Inability of new manager to motivate team
  • High team stress levels
  • High turnover among talent
  • Low employee morale
  • Poor cooperation or tension within or across teams or functions
  • Leadership team conflict
  • Poor team communications

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