Executive & Individual Coaching  

Break out of your box:
Optimize your effectiveness and satisfaction at work – in life – or both.

Are you less effective – or satisfied – than you would like to be in your role as an:

Executive, manager, team leader? Employee, parent, friend, community member – person?
Make your work work Make your life work

Some examples of why you should act:

Executive/Management Coaching Personal/Life Coaching
  • You’ve received peer or other performance feedback that will hold you back if not changed, and you want to work on it “off line.”
  • You or others feel your people are showing signs of stress, dissatisfaction or even disengagement and you want to understand what’s wrong and how to fix it.
  • You are leading a workforce where behaviors and values are rapidly changing but not sure what to do.
  • You’re pursuing what you thought were critical priorities which now seem less important.
  • You’re trying to move your life in a new direction, but not sure how or where to begin. 
  • You’re professionally or personally trapped, frustrated, bored.
  • You’re running after a goal that always seems just beyond reach.
  • Your work has you by the tail – and you’re chasing it.
      How We Can Help  

    Karen Noble Consulting & Associates partner with clients in one-to-one or group/team sessions, on-site and/or virtually, using phone or teleconference to help clients break out – and stay out – of confining work or life boxes that reduce effectiveness and satisfaction. 
    No matter where you are in work or in life – your level in an organization, role in your family, community, or within your network of friends – we will apply our deep global experience, post-graduate training and proprietary coaching process to set you on your most effective work – or life – path. 

    Contact... Karen Noble Consulting & Associates today to learn how to Optimize your performance and satisfaction in  – and out – of work.


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