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Karen Noble Consulting & Associates has assembled a network of leaders in areas we consider core to building a Vision 2020 work culture, a work culture that delivers results for the business and its people.

  Assessment and Measurement  
Our Quantitative Associate:
  • Is an industry leader in employee research and serves hundreds of leading multinational organizations
  • Surveys companies in over 120 countries in more than 70 different languages, online and paper
  • Has flexible solutions and innovative technology that allows organizations to identify specific attitudes and behaviors which impact their bottom lines, and use survey data to guide changes that can boost both employee and company performance. 
  • Has expertise in employee engagement, high performance organizations, and extensive normative benchmark data, across various industries, geographies and organizational structures
  • Supports clients with reports training, guides and software tools to assist in action planning to get the most out of their survey investment

Our lead researcher for quantitative assessment projects:

  • Industrial/organizational psychologist with over 30 years of experience in human resources and organization development
  • Worked with senior management at some of the best-recognized Fortune 500 global companies
  • Directed global employee engagement surveys, manager feedback surveys and special focus surveys (for example, communications, employment brand, customer focus, and performance management) for hundreds of thousands of employees in a variety of languages.
  • Significant experience as an internal corporate researcher, including roles as Director of Global Employee Surveys for a Fortune 50 company and head of Global Employee Research and HR Metrics for a Fortune 100.

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  On-line Training for Effectively Working in the New Dispersed Work Environment  

Telework training for managers and employees and organizational best practice information:

This associate scours the world for news about best practices, company experiences and most important research, and writes about it in the only newsletter of its kind. Hundreds of companies subscribe to the 12-page, colorful monthly digest of workplace news. Our associate's 25 years of experience consulting and coaching employers has led them to develop classroom training and small group coaching on telework for managers and staff, and unique, entertaining, easy-to-use e-courses on workplace flexibility and telework for managers and staff. Their e-courses are currently helping thousands of employees and managers in more than 50 companies and organizations worldwide like, Johnson and Johnson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Merck, Raytheon, HSBC, Baptist Health and Accenture, to become more effective and productive, flexible and supportive.

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Virtual Work e-Training for larger-scale transition to a virtual work environment: 

Our Associate provides virtual training to organizations and their people to enable them to make the leap to virtual and mobile work on a large scale…successfully.  They offer highly interactive, web-based training to prepare managers and employees for working effectively and confidently in the virtual environment, including mobile work, distributed work, and telework.  Their 60 minute courses are based upon global best practices and designed for easy customization to fully reflect an organization’s brand and culture.  Our Associate’s principles have over 45 years combined experience at large at small organizations, including Hewlett-Packard Company, Microsoft, Nissan, Pearson Education and others including very large media and entertainment organizations, and New York based financial services firms.

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This Associate is a nationally recognized diversity-consulting firm. Since 1987, its founder and President has built a reputation in the field for quality services and products, integrity and exceptional customer service. On average, the source of 75% of their business is repeat business from existing clients or client referrals.

Four keys capabilities have driven their success:

  • Ability to zero in on a client's desired outcome, assess options and implement a workable action plan
  • Ability to staff services with high caliber diversity professionals
  • Ability to build solid relationships between and among all stakeholders
  • Ability to provide value added expertise, leading edge thinking and experience

Their Mission is to act as a catalyst to assist organizations to develop their capability to maximize the power of diversity as a strategic resource and competitive advantage.

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  Strategy Implementation and Cultural Alignment  

Our Ph D. Associate has over 20 years of experience collaborating with leaders to implement strategy, align cultures and enhance leadership capabilities.  As both a Consultant and Senior Executive, she has enhanced business results through results-oriented partnerships, innovative approaches and authentic communication.

She has worked extensively with clients in telecommunications, energy, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.  Among her clients are BP, Ericsson, Nortel, Halliburton, GE Capital, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Palm Harbor Homes and Texas Instruments. Her consulting projects have included:

Strategy Execution

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 26% through the implementation of an integrated customer satisfaction system.
  • Implemented a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award-winning strategic planning process and quality and customer satisfaction improvement system for a premier retail company.
  • Revamped employee selection, development and retention processes to reduce employee turnover by 60%.

Change Management & Culture Alignment

  • Defined and established leadership practices to strengthen the culture and align leaders within a company that has grown through acquisition.
  • Established a process to communicate and reinforce the values and operating philosophy in daily activities.
  • Implemented a leadership development process to identify and develop high-potential, future leaders. 

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  Work-Life Effectiveness  

Our Associate is a nationally-recognized leader for work in creating a culture of work-life effectiveness in a Fortune 300 company.   Project management, organization and communication skills coupled with expertise from both corporate and personal perspectives offer practical solutions to any organization.   Our Associate has experience in a range of leadership roles and a passion for helping individuals and organizations seek approaches to further work-life effectiveness.

Areas of consulting focus include:

  • Designing, implementing and communicating work-life initiatives
  • Preparing applications for “best company” lists
  • Developing and delivering presentations and “brown bag” seminars on work-life effectiveness
  • Completing other project-based work.

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